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At our Alexandria chiropractic office, we believe in using services and techniques that have proven to be the most effective in pain relief. Our chiropractors and multidisciplinary staff use a combination of the most modern tools and techniques that have proven the most efficient in alleviating back pain, neck pain and other sources of chronic discomfort. Modern chiropractic medicine is not limited to just back treatment, spinal decompression or herniated disc treatment. We cover a wide range of underlying issues in order to promote your overall wellness.

At the heart of every chiropractor's practice are spinal manipulative therapy and spinal injury treatments. Dr. Connolly  correct spinal dysfunction and treats  injuries with adjustments and treatments that reduce and eliminate nerve impingement, which is one of the most common sources of chronic pain.

Naturally, spinal injuries such as a herniated disc or whiplash will require a different style of treatment than nerve impingement due to long term bad posture and sedentary lifestyles.  Spinal decompression with use of positioning devices can go a long way toward painlessly treating more sensitive issues in pain relief. 

We believe that in most cases, a "hands on" approach is preferable to using machines.  Machines don't have the track record that the manual approach does, and they aren't nearly as personal as "hands on" manipulation.

Often a part of our overall back treatment plan, myofascial techniques are geared toward retraining your muscles to operate in the way they were intended.  Problems such as chronic neck pain and sciatica are often perpetuated by bad posture.  This bad posture is persistent because some of the muscles that take part in maintaining posture have "forgotten" what they are supposed to do.  Retraining these muscles to engage in proper positioning again can not only alleviate nerve impingement-based pain, but it can make this pain disappear forever.

We also include physical medicine disciplines such as massage therapy and holistic health counseling to enhance your treatment here.  Massage has proven itself over the centuries to be a great benefit to overall health and well-being.  It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, and releases toxins that accumulate in overworked muscles. Our holistic health program can provide additional overall health benefits. Taken together, they can speed up your recovery time and make your health more permanent.

If you live in Alexandria and suffer from chronic back pain or other pain issues, contact us and set up an appointment.

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