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Alexandria Pain Relief Begins With a Proper Diagnosis

Pain relief is our primary focus when treating patients at Spine Care Associates of Alexandria. People come to us for relief of neck pain, sciatica, back pain, herniated disc problems and a host of other pain related issues. Dr. Philip Connolly and our chiropractic staff in our Alexandria office are well trained and well equipped to handle virtually any sort of persistent pain you may have. Rather than mask symptoms of pain, we work to diagnose and treat the underlying source of the pain. By treating the source, we are able to offer real and continuous pain relief for our patients.

While many sorts of neck, extremity and back pain are readily diagnosed, what causes some problems may mean a different course of treatment is in order. Some problems are potentially caused by different nervous problems than a spinal misalignment. Dr. Connolly will perform a  proper diagnostic exam  to know whether a case of, for example, sciatica, would respond better to spinal alignment or other forms of treatment.

Chiropractic Care Provides Relief for Neck Pain and Back Pain

Dr. Connolly will  use a combination of "hands on" Spinal Manipulative Therapy and myofascial therapy techniques for back treatment and pain relief in other areas of the body. SMT is a tried and true chiropractic method of relieving neck pain, back pain, herniated disc and pain in the extremities. It brings the spine and discs into proper alignment so that there is no nerve impingement, which is the cause of most pain in these areas.

Myofascial techniques are used to "reawaken" spinal muscle groups and bring them back to their proper functioning. All too often, when a person is in a lot of pain they tend to avoid positions that make them notice how uncomfortable they are. This often means altering their posture, which can disengage important supporting muscle groups. By reengaging these muscle groups, the benefits of SMT are realized more quickly and permanently. Properly engaged muscles can help relieve everything from minor aches to sciatica.

Spinal decompression therapy is another way to alleviate back pain, neck pain and herniated disc pain by relieving the pressure that the spinal column endures. This can be achieved non-surgically by use of inversion decompression tables and positioning devices that are designed to stretch the spine.

Decompression therapy is a long term therapy, but is highly beneficial as a back treatment. As a form of back treatment, it helps not only with herniated disc and localized back and neck pain, but also sciatica and other pains in the extremities.

Massage therapy also plays a major role in your pain relief plan. Whether your back treatment emphasizes decompression or alignment, massage can help quicken your recovery time and generally improve your health. It improves the circulation, promotes relaxation of your tensed muscles and reduces inflammation. These qualities are a great benefit to your therapy.

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